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Starting in about Febuary of 2001, I attended a many of the "Open Sketch" sessions at Ithaca's Community School of Music and Art. You walk in, pay your six dollars, and sketch or paint a human figure for two and a half hours. No instruction is provided, which is just fine with me.

Unfortunately some of my favorite drawings are just a bit too big for the scanner I'm using -- and the problem is only getting worse as I do bigger and bigger drawings.

Here are some of the ones that do fit, in chronological order. Note that the shading near many of the edges is an artifact of the scanning. Not all of them are currently available in "high contast".

Thumbnail of untitled 2001-Mar-11 20 minutes untitled 2001-Mar-11 20 minutes [high contrast]
Thumbnail of untitled 2001-Jul-08 20 minutes untitled 2001-Jul-08 20 minutes [high contrast]
This one started out looking dreadfully caucasian, but I finally figured out what was important in making a negro look negro. (Or did I? You be the judge!)
Thumbnail of untitled 2001-Jul-22 30 minutes untitled 2001-Jul-22 30 minutes [high contrast]
This is one woman, sitting in front of a mirror.
Thumbnail of untitled 2001-Nov-18 20 minutes untitled 2001-Nov-18 20 minutes [high contrast]
Thumbnail of untitled 2001-Nov-18 30 minutes untitled 2001-Nov-18 30 minutes [high contrast]
Well, this one didn't actually fit the scanner, but I really liked it so I did two scans and spliced them together.
Thumbnail of untitled 2001-Nov-25 10 minutes untitled 2001-Nov-25 10 minutes [high contrast]
Thumbnail of untitled 2001-Nov-25 15 minutes untitled 2001-Nov-25 15 minutes [high contrast]
Thumbnail of untitled 2001-Dec-09 15 minutes untitled 2001-Dec-09 15 minutes [high contrast]

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